The Tale of How a Feral Kitten Took to Water

Giving A Hissing Feral Kitten A Bath And This Happens… | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Have you ever rescued a feral kitten before? If so, then you probably know how difficult it can be to earn their trust. But Nikki from My Foster Kittens on Instagram never gave up on a hissing little kitten she rescued.

The tiny feral kitten was covered in dirt and grime when Nikki found her. She was fiercely hissing at Nikki, but the determined rescuer did not give up. Instead, she tried to calm the kitten down by slowly talking to her and offering her some food.

Finally, after much patience, Nikki was able to take hold of the kitten and bring her home. But the little one was still hissing and not receptive to any affection. So, Nikki decided to give her a bath.

Initially, the kitten was terrified. But after some time, she started to relax and enjoy the warm water. Nikki could see that she was starting to trust her.

After the bath, Nikki wrapped the kitten in a towel and cuddled her. To Nikki’s surprise, the kitten started purring and snuggling up to her. She finally realized that Nikki was not a threat and was there to help her.
From that moment on, the kitten’s attitude completely changed. She no longer hissed or showed any signs of aggression towards Nikki. Instead, she became one of the sweetest and most loving kittens Nikki had ever fostered.
This heartwarming story is a reminder that even feral kittens can learn to trust humans. It also shows us the importance of patience and kindness when rescuing animals. Thanks to Nikki’s dedication and love, this little kitten’s faith in humanity was restored.
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