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Feral Cat Does This And Wins Foster Dad Over | The Dodo

Animal lovers know the feeling of falling head over heels for a furry friend. It’s not uncommon for rescuers to go above and beyond to save an animal in need, but sometimes it’s the animal who ends up saving them. This was the case for a foster dad who has rescued hundreds of cats, but found himself smitten with one feral cat in particular.

The foster dad goes by the name of Hopscotch and he has dedicated his life to rescuing animals and finding them loving homes. He’s seen all kinds of cats come through his door, from friendly strays to scared and skittish ferals. But when a little feral cat named Apo entered his life, something different happened.

At first, Apo was scared of Hopscotch. She would hide under the bed and only come out at night to eat. Hopscotch wasn’t deterred though, he knew that with patience and love, he could win her over. And win her over he did.

One day, while Hopscotch was lying down, Apo approached him cautiously. But instead of running away, she climbed onto his chest and started kneading her paws. This is known as making biscuits and it’s a sign of trust and affection. Hopscotch was immediately won over and knew that he had a special bond with this little feral cat.

From that moment on, Apo became more and more comfortable with Hopscotch. She would sit on his lap and purr contentedly while he stroked her fur. She even let him pick her up and cuddle her, something that most feral cats would never allow.
Hopscotch knew that Apo deserved a loving forever home, so he started looking for the perfect family for her. It wasn’t long before he found a family who fell in love with Apo just as much as he did. They took her home and gave her the happy ending that she deserved.
But even though Apo is no longer in Hopscotch’s care, she will always hold a special place in his heart. She taught him that even the most scared and skittish animals have the capacity to love and trust. And for that, he will be forever grateful.
If you want to help animals like Apo, consider donating to The Dodo’s animal rescue fund. Every little bit helps to give animals the life they deserve.

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