Tired Pit Bull Mommy Receives a Pleasant Surprise – A Day to Relax

Exhausted Pittie Momma gets Surprised with a Day Off | The Dodo Foster Diaries

Being a new mom is never easy, especially when it comes to taking care of a litter of puppies. This was the case for Luna, a beautiful pittie mom who was recently rescued by The Barking Lot Rescue.

Luna had just given birth to a litter of puppies, and she was completely exhausted. She needed a break, but unfortunately, there was no time for rest. That’s when her foster mom Chelsea stepped in to surprise her with a well-deserved day off.

Chelsea knew that Luna needed some time to relax and recharge her batteries, so she decided to give her a special treat. She surprised her with a “margarita” – a bowl filled with water and a slice of lime on the rim. It was the perfect way to show Luna that she was appreciated and loved.

Luna was overjoyed by the surprise, and she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. She enjoyed her “margarita” and spent the day lounging around, napping and playing with her puppies. It was a much-needed break for Luna, and it showed her that she was valued and respected.

It’s heartwarming to see how much love and care Luna received from her foster mom Chelsea. It’s clear that she goes above and beyond to make sure that Luna and her puppies are happy and healthy. It’s also inspiring to see how much The Barking Lot Rescue does for animals in need, and how they help them find their forever homes.
If you want to keep up with Luna’s journey, be sure to check out her Instagram page. And if you’re interested in fostering or adopting a rescue dog, reach out to your local animal shelter or rescue organization. You could make a huge difference in the life of an animal in need.

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