Oreo Cloud the Adorable Chow Chow Resembles a Sweet Oreo McFlurry

Who doesn’t adore the delightful taste of Oreos? It’s a flavor that has captured the hearts of many, from ice cream to shakes to chocolates. However, there is one unique creation that stands out – the Oreo dog. Wondering what an Oreo dog is? Meet Chief, a special little dog with a striking resemblance to the beloved cookie.

Two pic of Oreo the Chow Chow in a collage

Meet Chief, a Chow Chow with a unique dark grey speckled coat that resembles an Oreo McFlurry. His owner Sarah Hamilton affectionately calls him Oreo Cloud because of how much he looks like the beloved ice cream. While Chow Chows are known to be aloof with strangers and aggressive with other dogs due to their guardian breed tendencies, Chief’s cute face and adorable fluff make it impossible not to adore him. Sarah initially posted his photos on the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, where he quickly gained a massive following. You can find more of this cookies ‘n’ cream pupper’s photos on his Instagram page @theoreocloud, where he continues to charm fans with his unbearable fluffiness. Check out some of our favorite photos of Chief below!

black and white chow chow laying on a wooden floor

His eyes are stunning, with a soft and soothing shade of bright blue.

black and white chow chow close up of face

It’s quite evident that he has a natural talent for posing in front of the camera – his photogenic qualities are simply outstanding.

black and white chow chow standing with his paws on a wicker chair

Do you notice his resemblance to a bear cub?

black and white chow chow licking his nose

Chief thoroughly enjoys indulging in a refreshing bath.

wet black and white chow chow puppy being carried

Upon getting to know Chief, Sarah and her partner discovered that he has a peculiar fondness for taking baths and becomes extremely envious when others indulge in bath time without extending an invitation. This behavior is both charming and endearing, isn’t it? Furthermore, it’s evident that Chief is a devoted and affectionate companion to his human family.

black and white chow chow smiling while being held by someone wearing grey clothes

He absolutely loves getting his belly rubbed!

black and white chow chow laying belly up on the wooden floor next to a blue bed

Doesn’t he appear to be a stylish and sophisticated man?

black and white chow chow standing on a wooden floor wearing a black bow tie

He is an extremely lively puppy.

black and white chow chow biting into a blue toy

10. The Chief has a great fondness for his playthings!

black and white chow chow holding an orange and green carrot dog toy in his mouth

However, due to his breed, he tends to be highly protective as well.

black and white chow chow standing on a wooden floor

According to Sarah, this furry fellow is not only intelligent but also fiercely protective of his family. In fact, he goes the extra mile by sleeping at the front door every night just to keep them safe and sound. I bet his owners sleep like babies knowing they have him on guard duty! Who knows, maybe he’s even working from home these days?

black and white chow chow sitting in front of a laptop

It’s surprising to know that Chief is quite smart and picks up things quickly. He was able to master potty training even at a tender age of 8 weeks old. In addition, taking time for a spa day is essential for everyone’s well-being every once in a while.

black and white chow chow lying on a couch in a blanket with cucumber slices on his eyes with a plate of food next to him

He’s surely one of the popular kids!

black and white chow chow sitting on a wooden floor wearing a black cap with one paw up

He adores munching on watermelons, which are among his top picks for snacks. It’s such a revitalizing and nutritious treat!

black and white chow chow standing on a wooden floor holding a large watermelon slice in his mouth

Chief is adored by many and receives numerous tokens of affection, including an abundance of kisses. Sarah even went as far as to gift him a red-lipsticked-kiss on behalf of Chief’s entire fan community.

black and white chow chow with a red lipstick mark on the left side of his face

Chief has a knack for savoring life’s delightful pleasures.

black and white chow chow laying down on a grey couch wearing a white bathrobe with brown slippers on holding a brown toy in his mouth

According to Sarah, Chief adores snuggling with them during nap time. She mentioned that aside from his adorable spots, cuddling is one of his favorite things to do. Sarah also added that Chief has the loudest snore in their household. Isn’t that just adorable? Moreover, Chief is looking forward to Christmas and is sure to receive fantastic presents this year.

black and white chow chow wearing a red and white christmas sweater sitting in front of a christmas tree

Can you tell if this is a blep or a mlerm? Regardless, we think it’s adorable!

black and white chow chow standing with its front paws on a blue couch

Looks like the saying “if it fits, I sits” doesn’t just apply to our feline friends!

black and white chow chow sitting in a cardboard amazon prime box

Chief, the Oreo Cloud, is undeniably one of the cutest pups out there! Make sure to check out his Instagram account for more heart-melting pictures of this fluffy little boy!

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