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Rescue Dog Loves Riding On Mopeds | The Dodo

If you think dogs and motorcycles don’t mix, you might want to think again. Meet the hairless puppy who was found on the side of the road and rescued by two foster moms. With time, love, and care, the puppy started getting better and could finally open his eyes. He also got super fluffy and began to love riding motorcycles with his foster moms.

Ayla and Sabine, the foster moms, knew that the little pup loved being in the wind, so they started taking him on motorcycle rides. The puppy would sit in a carrier attached to the bike and would stick his head out to feel the wind blowing through his hair. His joy and excitement were evident as he rode along, and he quickly became known as the “motorcycle dog”.

As the puppy grew and became stronger, Ayla and Sabine decided it was time for him to find his forever home. They knew he would need a family that would love and care for him just as much as they did. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the perfect family came along, and the puppy found his forever home.

These days, the puppy chases his forever siblings around and continues to enjoy his motorcycle rides with his new family. He may have started life on the side of the road, but now he is living his best life with a family that loves him.

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