Loyal Pit Bull Gives up Pups to Protect Owner’s Childbearing Daughter

There’s a heartwarming story about a pit bull that saved her owners by sacrificing herself. The protagonist of this tale is Nong Horm, a brave woman from Pathum Thani in the central region of Thailand, who valiantly battled a snake that had entered her family’s garden. But, sadly, despite her courage, she was unable to survive the poisonous bite of the serpent.

Nong Horm, a woman about to give birth, showed incredible bravery when she confronted a monocled snake, which is considered one of the most lethal snakes in the world. Despite the snake presenting a significant danger to her life, she fearlessly bit its lips with the assistance of her pitbull, causing it to quickly succumb to the venom.

The family was unable to prevent the swift incident that took place. Suriyon Chanthakhet, the owner, felt a deep sense of regret over what had occurred. He mourned the loss of their wonderful dog who had died while shielding them from a snake. “I am devastated that my heart is broken,” he said. He shared his grief by confessing that he wept at the mere thought of how much agony the dog endured.

The image depicts Suriyon mourning the loss of her cherished pet, Nong Horm. She is deeply saddened and wonders why such a heartbreaking situation had to happen. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that Nong Horm endured, she remains a brave and heroic figure in Suriyon’s perspective.

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