From Puppy Mill to Loving Home: The Inspiring Journey of a Dachshund Mama Dog | The Furry Foster Chronicles

This Dachshund Mama Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill – Look At Her Now! | The Dodo Foster Diaries

Hazel, a pregnant Dachshund, will forever be grateful to her foster mom for giving her a second chance at life. She was rescued from a puppy mill where she was kept in deplorable conditions, barely given enough food and water to survive. When Janice first saw Hazel, she was very timid and scared.

But, with patience and love, Hazel slowly came out of her shell. She delivered 7 adorable puppies who she loved and cared for tirelessly. Now that her puppies are all grown up, Hazel loves to sprint around the yard and play with them.

Janice, Hazel’s foster mom, shares her story on Instagram and Facebook. You can follow Hazel’s journey and see how she has transformed into a happy, healthy dog. Janice also encourages people to support Guardians of Rescue, an organization that helps rescue animals like Hazel from puppy mills and other abusive situations.

Ky Hopeful Paws Rescue is another organization that Janice supports. They help foster more dogs like Hazel and provide them with loving homes. If you want to make a difference in the lives of animals like Hazel, consider supporting these organizations.

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