From Cat-Rescuing Foster Mom to Special Needs Puppy’s Savior: The Miraculous Milestones of a Heartwarming Journey

A remarkable puppy named Sasha achieved a significant accomplishment on November 28. This cute little pup turned 12 weeks old, which is considered a significant milestone for most dogs. However, Sasha’s journey has been unique because she was born with hydrocephalus, cleft lip, and palate, making each day she overcomes a blessing.

Marie DeMarco has been looking after Sasha, a special needs cat, since she was born. DeMarco runs FURRR 911, a rescue organization that stands for Felines Urgently Rescued, Rehabilitated, and Rehomed. She specializes in taking care of cats that are sick, injured, or have special needs, including orphaned kittens that she bottle-feeds. DeMarco refers to these challenging situations as “perfectly flawed.”

Upon seeing Sasha, it was clear that despite being a dog, she would fit in perfectly with her new family. The foster mother, DeMarco, shared on Facebook that the tiny pup had already overcome many challenges in her short life and had shown incredible resilience. Although caring for her had caused some stress and sleepless nights, DeMarco found it all worthwhile when she looked into Sasha’s eyes. Unfortunately, Sasha had recently fallen ill due to an upper respiratory infection, a common ailment for puppies with cleft palates. At just over a pound, losing weight was not an option for the weak pup. Even after receiving antibiotics, Sasha still struggled with lethargy and a lack of appetite, causing her caretaker to become increasingly worried.

DeMarco brought Sasha to her neurologist out of concern that hydrocephalus was causing her problems. Following the specialist’s instructions, Sasha adhered to a rigorous daily routine of medication, fluids, and tube feedings. Thankfully, after 12 weeks, she was back to her lively and affectionate self! According to DeMarco, who will likely become Sasha’s permanent caretaker, Sasha is not your typical puppy. She has a calm and reserved demeanor and enjoys snuggling up next to her human’s feet and other furry companions, regardless of their size. Despite facing an uncertain future, Sasha is surrounded by love, devotion, and support. Check out this heartwarming video of Sasha being super cute!

DeMarco expressed how the puppy, Sasha, has been a huge source of inspiration to him. Despite being born with congenital defects and dealing with a medical condition, Sasha’s resilience and determination to survive have been truly remarkable. Those who are rooting for Sasha can stay updated on her journey through Facebook and can also support her by making a donation towards her care on the FURRR 911 website.

In March 2018, Sasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge at just six months old. Despite her short time on earth, she deeply touched the lives of her human, canine, and feline friends with her love and charm. FURRR 911 continues to honor Sasha’s memory by taking in other cleft-palate puppies. The beautiful pictures of Sasha on her birthday were captured by Gina Gencarelli, a kind-hearted volunteer photographer.

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