Amazing Survival: Buried German Shepherd Digs Himself Out of Grave

In Yemva, Russia, a 7-year-old German shepherd named Kiryusha was horribly mistreated by his owners. The cruel owners no longer wanted Kiryusha as their pet, so they decided to betray him in the most heartless way possible. They gave him an injection that they believed to be legal and then buried him alive in a shallow grave in the forest.

Despite being buried alive, the dog miraculously survived and clawed his way out of the ground. He eventually found his way to a highway in northern Russia where he was spotted by a compassionate driver named Olga Lystseva.

Dog digs himself out of grave and seeks help after cruel owners buried him  alive - World News - Mirror Online

The picture of the lonely, drenched pooch trudging along the road stuck with her, compelling her to make a U-turn and come to its rescue. After giving it some food, she transported it in her vehicle for 93 miles to a dog sanctuary known as Kind City.

Olga Lystseva, a kind-hearted individual of 39 years, rescued a dog and took him to Kind City dog rescue. The rescue center shared pictures of the pooch in hopes of reuniting him with his owners. However, they received shocking news that the canine was not lost but had been intentionally euthanized and buried alive by his owners. According to the shelter, the owners claimed that the dog was unhealthy, and they thought they had given him a lethal dose of medication. The poor pup still had a shaved spot on his body where they had injected medication. Despite his traumatic experience, the veterinarian confirmed the dog was healthy, only suffering from starvation and exposure. After spending some time with a foster family, the dog can be adopted out to a new home.

It’s difficult to fathom the reason behind such inhumane treatment towards this stunning dog. The mere thought of it is heart-wrenching. Nevertheless, someday this lovely creature will find a true companion who will cherish and appreciate him as he deserves.

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