“A Heartwarming tale: Generous donors gift a furry friend with a wheelchair to improve mobility”

Specially-abled rescue dog gets its own wheelchair from Mercedes-Benz.  Viral video - India Today

Mercedes Benz generously gifted Bunny, an adorable dog, with a brand new set of wheels. This kind gesture was much needed because Bunny had been through a lot in her short life already. Bunny was rescued in Mexico after being hit by a car and left to fend for herself. Her rescuers found her covered in ticks and maggots and with a swollen face due to multiple dog bites. On top of that, she had no use of her hind legs.

Disabled Dog Gets Wheelchair Gifted From Mercedes Benz & Others - GoodNews  by GreaterGood

It’s a common occurrence to feel sad due to heartbreak, but Bunny’s story is unique in its own way. What sets it apart is the gift she got last month – her very own personalized dog wheelchair from Mercedes Benz. The luxury car company teamed up with Eddie’s Wheels, a renowned manufacturer of customized wheelchairs for disabled pets, to create this special gift for Bunny. The wheelchair has been a perfect fit for Bunny and she has adapted to it with great ease.

disabled dog Bunny at Mercedes Benz

Bunny was first saved by The Animal Pad, a dog rescue organization based in San Diego that collaborates with Los Adoptables in Ensenada, Mexico and Henry Friedman, a renowned animal rescuer with a significant following on social media known as Keeping Finn. This happened during the spring season. In late April, The Animal Pad uploaded a video on their Instagram account, sharing with their audience how they found Bunny in a wretched state while her owner was playing soccer with his friend, completely oblivious to his dog’s condition just a few feet away from him.

Two-legged dog gifted custom Mercedes-Benz wheelchair: video

At a certain instance, Bunny was taken to a vet for a check-up. Subsequently, the rescue organization brought Bunny to the U.S., but Bunny’s condition was in a pitiful state. We advise you to be prepared before watching the video link above, as it may evoke tears, so approach with care.

disabled dog Bunny

Veterinarians had no other option but to amputate Bunny’s hind legs, which was deemed necessary for her well-being. The surgery was successful, and Bunny was able to start a new life, as shared by The Animal Pad in a heartwarming post. Henry Friedman provided updates on Bunny’s health, which caught the attention of a random Instagram user who suggested that Bunny deserved a top-of-the-line wheelchair from Mercedes Benz. This comment sparked the involvement of the luxury car brand in Bunny’s journey.

Video: Disabled dog gets 'Mercedes-Benz of wheelchairs' after social media  user gives the suggestion

In a subsequent response, Friedman shared that he found the previous comment amusing and believed that Bunny deserved only the best. This prompted him to get in touch with Mercedes Benz, sharing Bunny’s heartbreaking story and suggesting that they create a specialized wheelchair for her.

disabled dog Bunny

According to Friedman, the response to Bunny’s customized wheelchair was overwhelming. Not only did they love it, but they also agreed to provide Bunny with a new set of wheels. In July, Bunny was given her new Mercedes Benz buggy, which had the company’s name on the chest strap and a customized California vanity plate that read “Bunny’s Benz.” Bunny can be seen in another video exploring her surroundings and enjoying her new ride. Mercedes praised Bunny, calling her a true fighter. Bunny has now recovered and is available for adoption. To adopt Bunny or share her story, please visit The Animal Pad website. Bunny also has her own Instagram page for those who want to follow her journey.

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